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te common development and reduce pove

BEIJING nike air presto donna saldi , Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- Chinese action film "Wolf Warrior 2" continued to dominate the Chinese film market in the week ending Aug. 13, earning 1.3 billion yuan (195.2 million U.S. dollars), China Film News reported Monday.

The movie has raked in 4.55 billion yuan since hitting Chinese screens on July 27.

Domestic suspense movie "Guilty of Mind" came in second with 160 million yuan in sales in Chinese theaters in its debut weekend.

Third place went to Chinese action film "The Adventures," which grossed more than 140 million yuan last week.

Domestic romance "Once upon a Time" landed in fourth place, ringing up 86 million yuan last week. It has taken in 520 million yuan since its release on Aug. 3.

Rounding out the top five was Chinese comedy "Legend of the Naga Pearls" which has made 80 million yuan since Aug. 11.

Torrential rain causes floods, landslides in China's Guangxi

"Comfort women" statues installed on buses in Seoul

Hundreds of Chicagoans rally for Charlottesville victims

Never stop trying, Usain Bolt tells younger generation

Weekly choices of Xinhua photo (Aug. 5 - Aug. 11)

Highlights of multinational drill in Georgia

People mark national Fitness Day around China

Aerial view of Gula Town in S China

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by Xinhua writer Qiao Jihong

BERLIN, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will unite the country under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping, "which means a bright future for the Chinese people," the president of a German think tank has said.

"It is obvious that President Xi Jinping has a loving and extraordinary personality. He leads the country by inspiration, which is the best of all forms of leadership," Helga Zepp-LaRouche, president of the think tank Schiller Institute, told Xinhua in a recent interview.

LaRouche said she is confident that the congress will achieve a great success.

The 19th CPC National Congress, a week-long meeting which opened in Beijing on Wednesday, marks China's most important political event in five years.

The landmark conference is going to elect a new CPC Central Committee and CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, amend the CPC Constitution, and draw a blueprint for China's development in the next five years and beyond.

In the interview, LaRouche said the "Chinese Dream" which aims to achieve rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a great inspiration, not only for China, but also for the rest of the world.

"You can feel the optimism that has been created in China when you talk to the ordinary people, including youths, which is in stark contrast to the cultural problems of the so-called 'youth culture' in the United States and Europe," she said.

LaRouche said she had traveled to China several times in recent years and was impressed by the CPC's ability to make high-level strategic plans and execute them.

She spoke highly of the Belt and Road Initiative, saying it is one of the most important strategic initiatives in the world that will promote common development and reduce poverty.

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